Friday, December 12, 2008

Storyboard - Devil in Elevator - Axe TV Spot/Ad/Commercial

Paul Baker
(TV Ad; v3; September 24, 2006)

Open: night; two 20-something guys at an office elevator; quiet corridors; most people have gone home

SFX: small hoofs clattering on tile floor; Devil comes around corner, walks up; nice shirt and jacket, but has hairy hoofed satyr legs; red face and hands, little horns, bald; looks kind of like Stanley Tucci; is preoccupied.

Axe guy (impressed), mutters to buddy: “Oh my god…it’s the Devil!
Buddy (mutters back): “Nah. Costume.”

Axe guy slightly nudges buddy w/ a “watch this” move, prepares to press elevator button, turns to Devil: “Going… down?”
Devil (pleasantly): “Yes… All the way”

In elevator: Axe guy shakes out cigarette, takes one, offers pack to Devil.
Devil (takes one): “Thanks”

Axe guy starts fishing for matches.
Devil: “I got it”
Snaps fingers, flame sprouts off finger, he lights both cigarettes, casually flicks whole hand to put out flame.

Axe guy (mutters to buddy): “Jeeez, it is the Devil!”
Buddy (mutters back): “Nah. Hidden lighter.”

Elevator stops, they all step into lobby. Devil throws cigarette to floor

CU of hoof squashing it out.

He turns, looks directly at guys: “See you ‘round, Kenneth….Jamie…”
Guys stare at each other, surprised. Buddy mouths: ”He knows our….”

Front shot of the two guys; Buddy’s blue denim shirt has giant stains at the armpits; he pulls at his collar. Axe guy is totally cool.
Axe guy, looking his buddy up and down: “Here’s a suggestion….”

Fade out. Product shot, and Announcer: "Axe Body Stick. Whatever happens, stay cool. Now available in four styles."

Fade in: Guys finishing their conversation; in background, Devil is clattering across lobby towards door, then suddenly vanishes. End.

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