CWorks is an online cartoon-art portfolio consisting myriad works including but not limited to sketches, novellas, shorts, editorials, comic-strips, illustrations, paintings, story-boards et al. Lately, focus is to use cartoony imagery for social commentary using humour/satire/cynicism/reality to raise concerns about serious topics, issues and taboos. Comments and critiques fully encouraged.


05 Feb'14: Asked to join quest of I-Am-Aam, a purveyor of t-shirts
23 May'09: Editorial Cartoonist of Pragati. India National Interest Magazine
12 Jan'09: Migrating singles to Sriks6711. To be regular there too after clean-up
19 Dec'08: Featured in an Economic Times Article in the 'Live it Up' section
06 Nov'08: Content re-arrangement and template stuff to justify the portfolio tag
19 Oct’08: Spring cleaning and a self-promise to be regular and organized
20 Nov’07: Spiritualistic Materialism has been published in Urban Voices. Yay!


1) Earlier, CWorks was about creating stuff collaboratively. Hence the name...
2) This is a header post which is always on top. Enjoy the cartoon-art!
3) ToC on the side are chosen works in a rough reverse chronological order

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