Sunday, August 21, 2005

C-Works Header - Old

Hello World!
C-Works is a collective (with 'yours truly' presently active) that intends to make cartoon-art of various types including but not limited to editorials, comic strips, illustrations, novella, humour sketches et al.
We specialize in making suitable cartoon-art from any material and have unique time-tested scientific processes to do so. Go ahead, try us out!

If you are pre-viewing the portfolio here, please note that all images are resized to fit the screen-space. However, they are all hyperlinked to original images on Photobucket, Flickr, Picasa etc. A proper portfolio is on the way. Anyhoo, please do try to give some feedback and/or pointers of going forward.

If you are an artist, please do try to collaborate. As per the ethics and principles of 'artist collaboration', C-Works would fit in the category of -
"... forming partnerships with other creative folks and working up something we will go out and try to get published ..."
Even if not, please do try to leave your comments. We'd love to listen.

P.S: This is a header post which is always on top. Enjoy the cartoon-art!