Friday, December 12, 2008

Strip - Off The Shelf

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Ye Olde Comments:
Alina Chau @ 30 Jun 2006
Wicked!! HE!! HE!!

SJ @ 15 Sep 2005
Great man Nik.

SJ @ 31 Aug 2005
Really cool. I could not get it at first but when I remembered that at one party, there were roasted sausages and grilled veggies on a stick, it came all together.
Thumbs-up mate!

Nik @ 31 Aug 2005
Maybe it's a rather a British thing to have tiny sausages, cheese on a stick and jelly at parties! (I dont know why I chose the leek to DJ though!)

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S 'naani' J said...

Cool lettering of the theme.

At first I thought that putting the dialogue in balloons woule be nicer but having done that, I lost the subtlety. So, this is how the dialogue will be...