Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Humour Sketch - Art, Galleria and Signatures


nw said...

A short, ingorant and subjective comment on the comic strip if I way - the art is cool - but the message is bolox - i don't blame the geezer for getting pissed of the damn hippies, taggers and what not "liberals" - there's a major difference between watching the same crap on the streets and in a gallery - You CHOOSE to go into a gallery and enjoy the art it has to offer - whilist tagging or spreading your artsy filth on public property is a shameless and desperate act of forcing the message on un-willing bystanders via the act of vandalism - screw ppl that suck too much for their stuff to be noticde via conventional means of displaying your "art" where it belongs. I see no reason why I myself should retain from socker punching a damn hippy thats spraying his spray over my local wall, apartment block or trash bin. Keep it to yourself and to ppl that give a damn, or prepare to see My own form of expression.

S 'naani' J said...

You hit the nail on the head (literally, in the last few sentences).
Everything is a form of expression and is very subjective. What is gibberish to one is art to someone else. The whole world is a canvas too and while I too oppose vandalism of property (I dont want people spraying my car but it is just one instance of all non-gallery forms), if it helps some humans to vent out their feelings, it will serve a common good. Me thinks.
Besides, the point of the strip, is not extolling the virtues of street art but a satire on the value of signatures (see the coloured blobs) but then, hey this is art and you can be as subjective as you want. It is just interesting to see your take on the subject.